It’s Time to be Fair to the People Who Care!

We’re the members of CUPE Local 2380, representing nearly 500 women and men who provide the vital services residents of Barrie expect and depend on.

We help keep Barrie clean, healthy, safe and a great place for you and your family to live, work and play.

Our commitment is to you—the residents of this community. Our goal—to keep providing you with the best possible services! There’s just one problem:

Unless the Mayor and Council get serious about bargaining a fair contract with us, the services you depend on could be in jeopardy! We don’t want to strike, but the City’s refusal to seriously bargain is putting those services at risk!

We aren’t asking for a lot—our wages and benefits haven’t kept pace with inflation for years, while the number of managers earning more than $100,000 keeps growing and growing!

Our members are being reasonable, but our employer is making unreasonable demands to accept more stagnant wages and benefits.

That’s why we need your support! Will you help?

Call, write or email Mayor Jeff Lehman and your city councillor. Tell them it’s time to get serious about bargaining a fair contract with their municipal workers. Tell them it’s time to be fair to the people who care!

Mayor Jeff Lehman 705-792-7900
Ward 1 Councillor Bonnie Ainsworth 705-739-4271
Ward 2 Councillor Rose Romita 705-739-4272
Ward 3 Councillor Doug Shipley 705-739-4269
Ward 4 Councillor Barry Ward 705-739-4268
Ward 5 Councillor Peter Silveira 705-739-4275
Ward 6 Councillor Michael Prowse 705-739-4286
Ward 7 Councillor John Brassard 705-739-4217
Ward 8 Councillor Arif Khan 705-739-4273
Ward 9 Councillor Sergio Morales 705-739-4256
Ward 10 Councillor Mike McCann 705-739-4290

Tell your Mayor and Councillor that instead of putting the services you expect and rely on at risk, it’s time to sit down and bargain a fair agreement with its workers. Tell them to Be Fair to the People Who Care!

A message from CUPE 2380

BY: Jacob Reid